Spy Fall



I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
“Spy Fall” by Diana Quincy is book one in the ‘Regency Spymasters’ series. This is the story of Mari Lamarre and Lord Cosmo Dunsmore. I thought this was a really great book that had a the drama, romance, mystery and great secondary characters.

Mari and her brothers a spy’s for the Crown. Their new assignment is to find out if Marquess of Aldridge is giving information to France as a spy / traitor. Mari and her brothers are also aeronautic / balloonist who learned their skill from their father. She used that skill to get onto the property of Aldridge and landing on his son Cosmo.

Cosmo was coming back from drinking and whoring when he was caught of guard by Mari landing on him and his property. Comso has been feeling sorry for himself since the death of his sister when he was not able to save her when she was giving birth alone and died. This has also put a strain on his relationship with his father. His father is also going through a hard time with his health and the lost of his daughter.
Cosmo is quickly attracted to Mari but feels that she is not what she seems. So he has decided to keep and eye on her and find out what is going on with her.

Mari has found too that she is finding Cosmo hard to resist and she likes his father. Mari has been hurt by a man before and she knows most man will not put up with her balloonist activities not to mention the spying she does.

Will we find out what is going on with the father Aldridge? Can Cosmo stop his bad was to become a man for Mari and his father? Will Mari be able to let her guard down and believe that she can have it all?




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