The Vampire Coalition: The Complete


The Vampire Coalition: The Complete Boxed Set by J.S. Scott has a total of 5 Novella Books that tell the story of the Hale brothers and how they met their mates. It is about 380 pages long in total. I did enjoy this box set and had to read them all at once. These stories are quick read that come to the end pretty quickly so if you are looking for some ‘meat’ to your romance story this isn’t it. I love to read and I do love the long romance books but sometimes you are just looking for books that are quick reads where there isn’t a lot of struggle in to people coming together. You just want a ‘quickie’ romance book…well these are your books. I will be looking for other books by this author since I enjoyed them so much.

Each of the Hale brothers are Vampires that have not yet found their mate. They each after to find her before her 30th birthday or she will die. These book goes quickly through how they found them and the struggle they overcame together.

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