How I Married a Marquess



‘How I Married a Marquess ‘ by Anna Harrington is book three in the “The Secret Life of Scoundrels” series. This is the story of Josephine Carlisle and Thomas Matteson, Marquess of Chesney.
Thomas had a series bullet injury that almost too his life. Thomas still hasn’t really got over it emotionally yet and hasn’t been able to go by to his career of spying/Espionage. Thomas seems to get panic attacks once in a while. When a chance comes up for him to go to a house party to try and find a highway man who has been robbing people Thomas goes for it. Thomas feels this will be his chance to prove and get back in to the spying career. But he had not counted on meeting Josephine.
Josephine was an orphan until about 7 or 8 when she was adopted by the Carlisle family. Josephine has never forgotten her fellow orphans at the orphanage and tries to help out the orphanage by getting them food, coal etc. But Thomas has arrived and thrown Josephine for a loop. Josephine is attracted to Thomas but knows that she is below his station and also she has secrets she doesn’t want anyone to know…especially him. But Thomas has found that just being around Josephine has put a calming effect on him and his attacks. Can they find away to deal with everything to be together?

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