Sugar Daddy: A Sugar Bowl Novel

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Sugar Daddy: A Sugar Bowl Novel - Sawyer Bennett

I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
This is book one in the “Sugar Bowl” series. Sela Halstead at sixteen found herself rapped and every since then she has been unable really to move past the horror of it. But one day she happens to see a commercial for a Sugar Daddy type business where women are hooked up with rich man as escorts etc. On the commercial she sees a man that has a tattoo like the one that one of her rapist had. This propels her to go forth with revenge on him. Sela changes her looks as best she can and goes to the company under the disguise of being a sugar baby. Their she meets Beckett North who is a business partner to the man she is looking for. Beck takes interest in her and she see him as a way to get to the man she wants to hurt.
This is a really hot book! But it does have a cliffhanger so be read and waiting the the next installment. It is worth it!.


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