Engaging the Bachelor




I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.
‘Engaging the Bachelor’ by Cathryn Fox is book one in the “Pulse” Is the story of Carson Reynolds and Gemma Carr.
Gemma and Carson had a one night stand about 10 years ago. Gemma gave her virginity to Carson who they didn’t even exchange names. Now at a bar where they are having a ‘auction’ where you buy a date. Gemma is auctioning of the dates. When Carson sees Gemma he quickly takes to finding out who she is and getting a date from her. They end up sleeping together and his parents actually find them the next day in bead. Carson speaks up and says they are engaged. Gemma is shocked by his declaration but Carson says later when taking her home he wants her to play along to prevent his mom from fixing him up with someone else. Carson is actually only going to be in the area for the summer working at the local hospital. So he says they can break up then. Gemma also is only in town for the summer. Can they do this pretend engagement and will they get past what happened 10 years ago?

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