Where did my day go?

Well I started out with high hopes for doing so much today.  I have gotten backed up with my book reviews after missing Thursday and Friday afternoon.  Thursday a bunch of us from work went to visit a fellow co-worker who just loss their 4 year son to asthma.  That was so sad but they are a strong family!  Then Friday I ended up working late at my job…which I did end up reading a few books that night.  Which as you know, you end up waking up with a book-hangover.  So I did have a slow start this morning.  Then it was off to Walmart which can lead to hours of wondering if I need that.  Then back home to put everything away.  I was able to complete one review and on another book that I just posted a rating for with the intention of writing a review later (that was just me book…no commitment to write a review). I also go through and recommend ebooks to libraries (this is just a personal thing I do to also lead to finishing up  some of my series of books) which I get lost in how many books that are coming out… that I so want to read.  So then I have to go to Good Reads and Pinterest to makes sure and put them down for book I want to read.  This all lead me to start playing on my Media sites which always makes me lose my time. So I think I am calling it a day on writing reviews (although I might sneak a few quick ones in with the thoughts to finish up tomorrow with them) and just catch up on my books to read.  Also I will catch up on my Good Reads comments and checking out what other people are reading…that was one site I didn’t spend much time on earlier. 
Hopefully tomorrow I will have a better planned out day… 

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