I just don’t know why Saturdays I am at my laziest!  Every other day I work a semi-full time job and then work on my read and reviews the rest of the days.  But Saturdays have always been my lazy and to grocery shop. Sunday-Friday I stay busy but as soon as Saturday arrives its over..  So Calling it done for today…with little to no work done.  I do have books I have already read that I need to post reviews on but that will be for tomorrow.  I will just do more book reading today since that is my new theme in life to do nothing on Saturdays but grocery shop.


I have been reading some really great books this week that I will post reviews on tomorrow that are:

Lord of Deceit…loved it!!!

Surviving Doctor Vincent book 2….really hot and exciting read!

His to Keep….Another book I so loved that I read early this week.

The Fame and the Arrow…. Fantasy Paranormal Romance that gets you hooked in!

Pretend You Love Me….didn’t really hit it off as well as I hoped with this one but it appears to be her first book. But still a good read.


Have a Happy Saturday and be careful if you are traveling!!


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