The Billionaire Beast


The Billionaire Beast: A Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire Fairy Tales) - Jackie Ashenden

‘The Billionaire Beast’ by Jackie Ashenden is book Two in the “Billionaire Fairytales” series. This is the story of Nero and Phoebe. This is easily a standalone book. Phoebe has moved to America from London to be with the man she planed to marry. But he was in a car accident that left him in a coma and with no family she is the one taking care of the hospital bills. Which has taken all of her savings and now she has taken a job with Nero who is know as the ‘Beast”. Because no one stays long that works for him due to his temper. But he offers a price that she can’t say no and will try to put up with him. Nero due to a traumatic childhood doesn’t leave his house. In addition he has somewhat of a temper and doesn’t really understand the basic part of caring. But when he sees Phoebe he is attracted to her and doesn’t understand that she isn’t going along with his demand at first to sleep with him.
It was so interesting to watch these two come together and deal with their issues. Loved it!!
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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