Passion Favors the Bold


Passion Favors the Bold - Theresa Romain

‘Passion Favors the Bold’ by Theresa Romain is book Two in “The Royal Rewards Duo” series. This is the story of Georgette Frost and Lord Hugo Starling. Georgette’s brother was in the First book “Fortune Favors the Wicked” is the story about Benedict (Georgette’s brother) who is looking for what the Royal Mint is offering a reward for finding a cache of stolen gold coins. Georgette is being a Spinster and per her parents will that if she is unmarried at 21 she will be put out on her own. So with her birthday coming up she decided to take a trip to find her brother an help him find the treasure. But Hugo who is best friends with her brother interrupts her when she tries to sneak away to find her brother. Hugo tells her that he is going to take her to his mother’s and she tries to talk him out of it. Hugo is trying to raise money to set up a hospital in his brother’s memory. So they money from the treasure who help him too. So Hugh and Georgette go off on a adventure. But do they find more than what they set off to find? Another great book by Ms. Romain. “My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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