The Runaway Queen


The Runaway Queen - Sophie Rodger

‘The Runaway Queen’ by Sophie Rodger is the story of Damon and Tia. Tia is a Princess wanting to see how the locals think of her and the family. So under disguise she sneaks out but before she gets to far her car breaks down. Damon is out riding his horse when he spots a women by a car. There he finds out her name is Tia but he thinks she is there under false pretense and maybe working for his dad who is the King of Montcroix. So he doesn’t warm up to her and she trying to hide who she is keeps the false face going. But after she helps him with a new horse/fold being born they slowly start letting their guards down. But what will they think when they both find out they have secrets?
This was a nice easy read that I enjoyed! “My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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