RomancingRomancing the Rogue the Rogue


Romancing the Rogue (Gothic Historical Romance Book 2) - Erica Ridley

‘Romancing the Rogue’ by Erica Ridley is book Two in the “Gothic Historical Romance” series.  This is the story of  Miss Rebecca Bond and Daniel Goodenham, Lord North Barrows.  I have not yet read the previous book so for my this was a standalone book.  
Rebecca and Daniel first met when they were younger and became friends.  But when Daniel became older he ended up hurting Rebecca and they never seen each other since.  Rebecca had fallen in love with Daniel but he hurt her feelings and left her with that hurt.  Rebecca in addition lost her parents and was taken in by an elder Guardian who has now died.  Rebecca lived in the Guardian’s house but he pretty much forgot about her and now with the new Lord taken over he has made it clear he will marry her off.  With nowhere to turn she swallows her pride and ask Daniel for help.  Daniel was already heading to Rebecca to try to make amends for what he did to her with he was younger.
This was a joy to read and see how their story was going to play out.
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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