Taming the Pack Boxed Set


Taming the Pack Boxed Set - Wendy Sparrow

‘Taming the Pack Boxed Set’ by Wendy Sparrow is the box set of the series “Taming the Pack”.  These are three completely different stories with HEA.  There are pretty much the same people in each book with a few new comers.  This box set with three books that totals to about 840 pages. Here are the titles that are included:
1. Past My Defenses:  Which is the Vanessa and Dane.  Vanessa is a wolf with a lot of allergies.  One night when she is on watch her allergies act up so bad that she gets caught in Wolf form by Dane who is the Park Ranger.  Dane is not a wolf but a human but they are quickly attracted to one another the next morning when Vanessa turns back into her women form.
2. This Weakness for You: Is the story of Jordan and Christa.  We met them in the first book…Jordan is the Pack Alpha who had a run of bad luck with some crazy women.  Christa is Dane sister and she has some health issues.  When Jordan first meets Christa he smells her before seeing her and backs out of the room real fast.  He has sworn of women and so he tries to avoid the call that he is feeling.
3. Crazy Over You: Is the story of Travis and LeAnn.  Travis is the Local Sheriff that appears in both previous books.  Travis is wanting what his friends have a scented mate. So when he wakes up to LeAnn its not just the shock of her being their is the call to her.
These books were just great!! I loved how funny the characters were!  I loved Lucifer the cat kept showing up in each book.  The wasn’t the hottest sex scene but it made up for it in the story line and with and with all the funny interactions!  Now I will have to find more books by Ms. Sparrow since this was my first!
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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