Review For: ‘Between a Wolf and a Hard Place’


Between a Wolf and a Hard Place - Terry Spear

‘Between a Wolf and a Hard Place’ by Terry Spear is book 21 in the “Heart of the Wolf” series. This is the story of Brett and Ellie. I have been jumping in and out of this series so for me this was a standalone book. I will say that it appears that Brett and Ellie met in another book but they have moved forward in their relationship other than a few dates before this book.
Ellie and her sisters have opened a hotel in Silver Town. This hotel Ellie has found that they are ghost in the hotel. Ellie is able to talk to and see ghost which has caused her to loose relationships in the past. So she is worried that Brett won’t be able to take her ability to see ghost.
Brett knows that Ellie is hiding something and would like to know what that is. Brett is highly attracted to Ellie and hopes that she might be his mate.
Loved watching these two come together and learn to trust/Love.
*A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection*


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