Review For: Enchanting the Earl by Lily Maxton


Enchanting the Earl - Lily Maxton

‘Enchanting the Earl’ by Lily Maxton is book One in the “The Townsends” series. This is the story of Theo Townsend and Annabel Lockhart.
Theo is damaged from the war physically and mentally and when he hears he has inherited a of Earl and a castle in the highlands. Theo is happy about the castle thinking it would be a perfect place for him to be alone. But his brother and sisters have a different plan….they insist on coming with him to see the the Castle. Once they arrive there they find Annabel and her Aunt staying there. It appears that the old former Earl had allowed them to stay and they feel like it is their home.
Annabel is determined to not leave the castle not just because it has been her and her Aunt’s home for a long time. But because she is hiding a secret there which is protecting someone. Leaving the castle could cause that person to be found and possible hurt again.
Theo and Annabel start butting heads from the start both set in their ways about what they want. This was a joy to read and watch how Theo and Annabel came together. I also fell in love with the brother and sisters and hope to see more of their stories in the future.
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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