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Review For: Serenity by Janet Nissenson


Serenity - Janet Nissenson

‘Serenity’ by Janet Nissenson is book Five in the “Inevitable” series. This is the story of Matthew Bennett and Sasha Fonseca. I feel this is easily a standalone book if you choose to do so.
Matthew is a self proclaimed ‘nerd’ ‘Geek’ who is married to a 41 year old wife who through plastic surgery and his money looks younger than her age. She is in to younger men which finally becomes to much for Matthew. Matthew decided to go forward with a divorce. Matthew happens to meet Sasha at a Wedding about a month before he goes forward with a divorce. Meeting her, shows him really what he has been missing. Sasha is total different from him. Sasha is a yoga teacher and a hippie type personality. Where Matthew is a rich businesses man..up-type personality. But the attraction was immediately. But nothing happened and they didn’t see each other until Matthew started fighting to get a divorce. Which with two kids does add to the mix. Sash is a loving caring person who for the first time Matthew feels someones wants to actually care for him and not what he has …or does.
I have loved the books that I have read so far in this series! This one did not let me down…loved it.
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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