Book Review For: The Consequence by Giana Darling


The Consequence  - Giana Darling

‘The Consequence’ by Giana Darling is book Three in “The Evolution of Sin Trilogy”. This book continues the story of Giselle ‘Elle’ and Sinclair ‘Sin’. I strongly feel that you have to read the other two books: “The Affair” and “The Secret” to full enjoy this book as Sin and Elle story plays out in both books and this book ends with their Happy Ending’.
I have been in love with this series so I have been doing a happy dance after getting this book. Yes, I have been stalking the release of this book and counting down the days! For me, this book did not disappoint on their story line.
Elle and Sin are dealing with Elena and her finding out what has been going on with them. In addition, it appears that an old stalker is back for Elle. Sin and Elle were fighting for their love in this book and standing together. I liked seeing them as forces working together and having each other back. I still hope for more stories for the secondary characters as I love them so much too. They each had issue that I would like to read more about. So fingers crossed for more books by Ms. Darling!
I would highly recommend this whole series by Ms. Darling.



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