Back to Your Love: When a Lady Dares by Tara Kingston


When a Lady Dares - Tara Kingston

‘When a Lady Dares’ by Tara Kingston is book Two in the “Her Majesty’s Most Secret Service” series.
This is the story of Sophie Atherton and Gavin Stanwyck. I have read the previous book but feel this can easily be a standalone book.
Sophie is undercover as a medium’s assistant when she meets Gavin. Sophie works for the Crown and also works as a journalist for the Herald under a different name. So she is used to repeating lies and knowing when someone is lying. So when she meets Gavin who is a treasure hunter she knows that he isn’t telling the truth.
Gavin is looking for answers on his friend’s Peter death. To get those answers, Gavin poses as a Treasure Hunter. Gavin thinks a Spiritualist may have the information he is looking so he needs to hide who he really is. But Gavin has found the Spiritualist assistant, Sophie is a temptation he might not be able to resit.
This book was a great mystery mixed with romance story that once you got a few pages in you wanted to see what would happen next. Gavin and Sophie I thought had good chemistry and both were very likable characters.
I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from Ms. Kingston.
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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