Book Review For: ‘Falling for the #JerkNextDoor"Theda Monroe


Falling for the #JerkNextDoor: Hot Law Enforcement Romance - Theda Monroe

‘Falling for the #JerkNextDoor”Theda Monroe is the story of Zelda Sullivan and Santiago Ryan.
Zelda has PTSD caused by an incident with her best friend. This has kept her not wanting to leave her apartment. Zelda is a journalist and her boss understands the condition and lets her work mostly from her apartment. Which has her being around the new neighbor that she hasn’t meet yet. But Zelda sure has heard him and his lady friends. So much so that she gets angry and leaves her apartment to confront him. Santiago is the jerk neighbor who has turned into a bit of a man whore after his future wife cheated on him. This made him leave his homeland and just start to use women. When Zelda knocks on his door Zelda takes him by surprise and his quick feelings for her. Zelda wakes up something in him he thought he lost after his break up. But can these two get past their personal issues to actually get a relationship to work out.
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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