Book Review For: Hammered MJ Fields


Hammered: Steel Country - MJ Fields

Hammered (Steel Country #1)Hammered by M.J. Fields
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘Hammered’ MJ Fields is book One in the “Steel Country” series. This is the story of Gage Falcon and Phoenix Star. Phoenix has graduated college and now is working to earn money to take her on the next step in her life. Phoenix settles in to work two jobs and also work off some of her rent by doing the lawn. Phoenix is a independent women who doesn’t take handouts. While she is bartering she meets Gage who seems to be trying to hook up with a call girl. Phoenix shows him a lot of shade and ends up having the girl walkaway. Phoenix sees the guy leave and then the next day he is at her other job she works at as a waitress. It seems she isn’t getting away from him when while push mowing the lawn around the barn near where she lives at he appears again but this time she finds out he is the actually landlord of the place and has returned home.
Gage is walking around with a big chip on his shoulders because he just found out that the son he loves so much isn’t his son…although he has divorced his wife it just another blow to his life. So when he goes into the bar that night its just to hook up and get a release of sorts. But the bartender is so hot he tries to throw her some of his charm but she is not having it. Once the women he called to be his lady of the night leaves he leaves the bar too. That night he can’t get the bartender out of him mind and the next morning at a breakfast meeting he sees her waiting tables. They have a quick interaction that doesn’t go well again. When he finally learns who she is and that she is a renter on his land he tries talking to her again. But they still but heads until the one person they both care about gets hurt. This starts them coming together but there is still upsetting news to come for Gage. Will he be able to move past all of his issues and move forward with Phoenix? If he does, will Phoenix start being less independent?
Looking forward to more books from Ms. Fields
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”…………

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