Book Review For: Solid Stone: Choices by E.G. Patrick


Solid Stone: Choices - E.G.  Patrick

Solid Stone: Choices
‘Choices’ by E. G Patrick is book Three in the “Solid Stone” series. This is the finial book in the Violet and Adam story. I would highly recommend that you read the previous two books so that you can fully enjoy this book and their story.
This book picks up a few months after Violet leaves home to take a six month job assignment. Violet is still feeling hurt and unsure of what happened with Adam. When she has just a month or so to go before going home Adam shows up to meet with her boss. They talk and Adam finds out why Violet really left which we find out was a total misunderstanding but Adam feels they can’t continue. But he does agree to be always be her friend. So they try to move into a friendship zone but can they really move past their love and attraction?
Solid Stone Books:
Revolving Door, Book 1
Odyssey, Book 2
Choices, Book 3
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