Book Review For: The Mistaken Billionaire Lexxie Couper

The Mistaken Billionaire - Lexxie Couper

‘The Mistaken Billionaire’ by Lexxie Couper is book Two in the “Muse” series. This is the story of Thomas St Clair and Mila Elderkin. I have not yet read the other book so for me this was easily a standalone book.
Mia is on her way to her sister’s party but a dog comes running out and she almost hits him. So Mila sees that the name tag on the dog has a nearby address, so she goes to return the dog. When she knocks on the door she sees Thomas on the other side. Thomas thinks she is his hired company escort to a business function. So he is quickly taken by her beauty and how she somehow has started to get his mind thinking again. Thomas thinks that may Mila is his ‘Muse’ and that she can help end his writing block that he has been suffering with. Although he thinks she looks familiar he can’t place were but she says they have never met.
Mila is shocked that it is actual Thomas that opens the door and is the dogs owner. Although Thomas hasn’t yet remembered her she knows him. About eight years ago Mila was an intern and was promised a full time journalist job if she could get the up and coming writer Thomas St Clair to give a interview to her. But he avoided her and the interview so she wrote something else about him which in turn caused Thomas to have her fired. So now Mila is a teacher who is still somewhat upset about his part in her loosing her job.
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”


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