Book Review For: The Hitman Who Loved Me by Shady Grace


The Hitman Who Loved Me - Shady Grace

The Hitman Who Loved Me (McCoy's Boys #3)The Hitman Who Loved Me by Shady Grace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars
‘ The Hitman Who Loved Me” by Shady Grace is book Three in the “McCoy’s Boys” series. This is the story of Jamie and Sam .
I have not yet read the other books in this series so for me this was a standalone book.
Jamie is just trying to survive after having a very hard time growing up and not she is just trying to work her way out of a bad situation. When Jamie looses her job she is in trouble because she owes a lot of money to someone. So she takes a quickie job to deliver a suitcase…in exchange she will get a large sum of money. Enough that she can pay off her debit and move away for a fresh start. Jamie had worked at a restore and she had briefly met Sam there but he up and left the next day. So she is surprised to meet him at a hotel where she is to make the exchange.
Sam who is a Hitman who was called away from a restore to go help out a friend who is being blackedmailed and to take down the person involved. Which appears that Jamie is one of the parties involved in this scheme. When he met Jamie at the resort he was attracted to her but he had used a different name. So he pretends to be that same person and act like they just met again by accident until he can find out what she is up to.
This was an exciting read for sure but I just failed to really get into the story. Overall I am glad to have read the book and would recommend it if you like this hitman type romances.
McCoy’s Boys series:
Book 1: Beautiful Criminal
Book 2: Never Give You Up
Book 3: The Hitman Who Loved Me
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