Book Review For: ‘The Sheikh’s Fake Fiancée’ by Leslie North


The Sheikh's Fake Fiancée - Leslie North

‘The Sheikh’s Fake Fiancée’ by Leslie North is Book One in the New Series “Azhar Sheikhs” series. This is the story of Elena and Sheikh Asim and is about 122 pages long.
Elena and her friend Aubrey are touring Europe together and on their last day in Beirut Lebanon they stop at a Cafe where they meet Asim. Asim and Elena exchanges a few looks and words when Asim mother calls to say she is stopping to meet him. Asim has told his mother that he is engaged and that she can stop her marriage minded match making. So he quickly asked Elena to pretend to be his fake future wife..but his mother surprises him into saying she will be cutting her trip short to get to know ELena. So they have to go further into this fake engagement…which buys them time to get to know one another and think fake isn’t what they want.
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”



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