Book Review For: ‘Bliss’ by Lynsay Sands


Bliss - Lynsay Sands

‘Bliss’ by Lynsay Sands is the story of Hethe, Lord Holden and Lady Helen.
This book is a re-release and was first published around 2o10. I am so happy that it has been released again with its new cover. Ms. Sands books are some of my favorite books in the world. They are funny, emotional, hot and have great characters. I will never be able to say enough about her books.
This story is about Lord Holden who is a widower and Lady Helen who has never married writing to the King Henry…each write a letter to him complaining about the other. Those letters seem to arrive at the same time to the King. Which has turned out to be a pain in his side….when he talks over the problem with one of his men of courts he suggested that they marry each other. They will then either settle their arguments or kill each other he jokes. Hethe nor Helen have every actually met in person..although Hethe remebers seeing Helen with she was around 10 years old. But each only really know the other by stories and hearsay. Helen knows that she won’t be able to break the engagement but thinks that if she can get Hethe to back out of the marriage then she is home free. So Helen tries several things to throw him off but Hethe goes forward with the King’s orders.
I loved watching these two try to work past their schemes and then start working together.
This is a story that you will want to keep reading over and over…its not a one time read for sure!
“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”

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