Book Review For ‘The Wild’ by K. Webster


The Wild - K Webster, Ellie McLove

‘The Wild’ by K. Webster is not so much as a Dark Romance but a more Tabo Type Romance for some and possible a trigger story for others. I can completely understand how some people might not want to read these types of books due to a past issue. So I just want to warm you that if you have a sensitive taste or just like the easy sweet romance than this book might not be for you.
When I read books which are manly Romance books I go in with the understanding that this is just a Fantasy Read and it an escape from day to day times. I have had family issue and for me this didn’t trigger anything but again I take books like this for Fantasy reading even though it could possible be true. Anyway, sorry to go on so but I just hate for people that don’t like these type of stories to read this book, which then might possible upset them or cause a bad review. Everyone has their taste and limits and for me this was a great fantasy read.
With all that said….it hard to tell much of their story because you can easily give into spoilers. This family goes through some really hard emotional times where Reed feels they need to leave what they know and move away to the wilderness to move forward.
Loved this book and could not put it down. I hope to read more books by Ms. Webster soon!

“My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.”

Goodreads: 2h6kfxU



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