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If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Noah, Amelia and the rest of the rock group BAD – now is the time. DO NOT miss your chance to #1-click The Illusion Series Box Set featuring Side A and The B Side by D. Kelly while it is FREE until March 30th! This is a HUGE savings on a BEYOND INCREDIBLE read, grab your copy today!

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About The Illusion Series Box Set:

Worlds collide …

Amelia Greyson, author of The O Factor, has been thrust into the fast-paced life of the music industry as the author commissioned to write the story of Bastards and Dangerous, a famous rock band with sexy twin brothers at the helm. Unbeknownst to them, she’s been here before; it’s not her first rodeo.

Two guys, one girl …

Sawyer and Noah Weston, front men for BAD, have an awful habit of falling for the same girl. When Mel enters their lives, they are spellbound, both vying for her attention. Noah wears his heart on his sleeve, but Sawyer is a master at hiding his feelings—or so he thinks.

All’s fair in love and war …

Between Noah and Sawyer competing for Amelia’s affection, the stalker set on ruining her life, and turmoil affecting the group as a whole, Amelia is forced to make difficult decisions. Will she throw caution to the wind and give in to the magnetic pull Sawyer has on her, or will Amelia release the demons of her past and allow Noah to own her heart?


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