192 by Nikki Belaire

Title: 192 (One Ninety-Two)
Author: Nikki Belaire
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance 
Release Date: April 5, 2018 Cover Design: Ally Hastings at Starcrossed Covers

I don’t like hassles. 
That’s why I work alone. 
No reason to be modest, I’m the best at what I do. And what I do is earn millions from rich bastards who hire me to get back what’s theirs.
Rescuing Viviana Moretti is just another job.
Get in. Get out. Get gone.
Take the money and disappear like always.
Until she cries my name instead of his, 
And I finally admit I want her even more than she needs me.


I love her like this. Calm yet playful. Comfortable in my bed and with me. Now that she’s fully awake, we need to celebrate. I nuzzle the side of her throat, sucking on the sweet skin. Welcoming her body arching into mine. “Always right.”
“I like the sound of that.”
Distracted and breathless, her voice wobbles while her hands find me. Stroking my cock that’s as deliriously happy as I am. Confirming I can take her again. I sit up, dragging her up with me and flip her over onto her knees. Moving quickly to curl over her back to keep from frightening her with this new position. “I’m going to take you from behind angel so I can play with that sweet clit of yours while I fuck you.”
I guide her small hands to the headboard and curl them around the iron rails. Well aware how weak she is after our long night. “Don’t worry if you can’t hold on. I’ll never let you fall. I will always be here to catch you.”
A sharp gasp blows between her lips from my words in her ear and my hand between her thighs. Already wet as I stroke her. Cupping her pussy so the heel of my palm works her clit while my fingers dip between her folds. Rubbing a spot deep inside that makes her body jolt with the force of a shockwave and a mewl purr in her slender throat. My forearm slides under her bouncing tits, and I position her narrow hips for me to slide in. “Open your legs wider for me princess.”
Immediate compliance from my command. My own voice raspy and thick with need. I can only rub the head of my cock in her essence a few times before I have to push inside. Slow and decadent as her body accepts me and her ass pushes back to my thighs. Seeking all of me. Which is exactly what I’m going to give her. Once I’m fully seated, I thrust deliberate yet unhurried. No need to rush. Not with my future wife who I’m going to fuck every day from now on. “I cannot wait to marry you.”
“Because you love me?”
A sharp stab to my heart from her question. Always needing to confirm since she’s never been loved before and doesn’t quite have the emotion figured out. “Yes, because I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Every. Damn. Time. My resolve crumbles when she utters those words, and I plunge into her. Over and over. Answering her breathless cries of pleasure with my dick buried as far as I can. The force overwhelms her, and she crumples. Unable to keep up with me.
And I catch her just like I promised. One hand between her legs teasing her pulsing nub bulging into my palm from me overflowing within her and the other curled around her dainty throat relishing the feel of her moans under my fingers. She’s so close. Erratic and crazed, grinding into me, needing to fly. Almost as much as I do. “Tell me you’ll marry me. Tell me you’re going to be my wife.”
My command pushes her over the edge, and she cries out in affirmation. With her agreement, I lose myself too and explode, pulling her tighter against me. Roaring out my release deep inside her as she comes with me. Swearing into her shoulder that I’ll never let her go.
Lights Down Low – Max,gnash
Praying – Kesha
Dusk Till Dawn – Zayn, Sia
Ain’t Giving Up – Craig David, Sigala
Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes
Just You and I – Tom Walker
More Than You Know – Axwell Ingrosso
Hero – Enrique Inglesias
Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses
2U – David Guetta, Justin Bieber
Home – Phillip Phillips

Nikki writes contemporary romantic thrillers and admits to a weakness for alpha males and bad boys, especially ones who can’t live without the strong women they love. She spends more time in her characters’ lives than her own. But, when she’s in the real world, her passions include reading, wine appreciating, running, and spending time with her husband and daughter.



192 by Nikki Belaire is the story of Viviana and Roan.  
Viviana is married into an abusive mafia husband who continues to beat her and take her money. But now Roan has been assigned to her and he has developed feelings for her but unable to show them due to the dangers of it. The one time he hurried to see about her after one of these beating he was taken off her watch duty.  Viviana seems to know nothing else but isolation and hardships but Roan has been a blessing to her. Roan goal is to get her out of this bad situation but has to wait for the perfect time.
This story is a dark one that may have trigger issues for some.  My heart went out to Viviana and the hard life she had.



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